Plate and profile forming for vessel NB691/1
Plate forming for vessels fabricated by Shipyard Meyer Werft and Shipyard Kleven
Flame cutting and bending of plates for WBS
Fabrication of foundation for main engine and gear on vessel BORIS SYROMYATNIKOV
Fabrication of offshore foundation for oil-rig Safe Scandinavia Shipowner
Plate forming on vessels made for Shipyard Meyer Werft Marine
Section prefabrication for vessel Ceona Amazon, seismic research NB 613, seismic research NB 614 and vessel NB 304
Fabrication of foundation for vessel Ryndam and Veendam
Prefabrication of stabilization tank for vessel NB851/8
Prefabrication of hatch covers for support fish farm vessels NB69/1 and NB69/2
Prefabrication of aft and bottom section and also coamings for RAL vessel
Fabrication of aftship and foreship on units B856/3 and B856/4
And much more…